We believe that enthusiasm and knowledge is more important than wealth in money. At the start of our way, every free minute was used to upgrade knowledge of the car mechanics. Some of our team have discovered an interest for motorsports in the Faculty, and some much earlier. The first small project which it was made with a lot of enthusiasm, was the Ford Fiesta Supercharger, about which you can read more in the projects section.

Our first Fiesta project was devoted to learning and socializing, but suddenly we began to receive a demand from racing teams who wanted our help in their projects. At the first particularly in EFI tuning. Soon we became involved to making the complete package for some serious racing team - autocross buggy. About which you can read more under the projects.

We believe that in tuning is necessary not only to think that is good, but done work also must be measured and shown in figures. Therefore we bought superior device for measuring the power on chassis dynamometer with DYNOMITE equipment. You can read more in Dyno section.

For projects we are using products from world best manufacturers. With some we are very closely involved in the development of new the components and materials. With our powerful measuring dynamometer we can optimally testing the products and improvements in the field of the motorsport.

Remember, the more you know the faster you go!

Motec DTA Lysholm
Kenne Bell Haltech SINUS
AEM Auto Meter Vortech